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Monday November 23, 2020
We are already thinking about the future, with the ancient effect of Iso Lac Acqua Mica.
The CoVid-19 pandemic has forced trade show organizers of all sectors and sizes to postpone events until it will be possible to manage and experience them in complete safety. Going back with the memory of a few months - to when the occasions of meeting in person, in physical spaces, were usual and the care of the stands had a fundamental dimension in the choice of color - allows us to already imagine how our near future will be.

This is the case of an elegant stand for a luxury fair in Germany, for which Iso Lac Acqua Mica was chosen: Isocolor's anti-rust water-based enamel not only protects the metal, but gives it an antiqued effect of extraordinary value. with multiple possible applications: internal and external structures, furnishing objects, stairs, railings, beams, fixtures, galvanized surfaces and light alloys.

Looking at the photos of the stand is then, today more than ever, a source of inspiration and optimism. The optimism that color gives to everyone - and that Isocolor has always interpreted with the Made in Italy quality of its products.