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Area privata
Excellence for color professionals

Isocolor manufactures and sells a wide range of construction, decorative and proprietary paints. His team, expert and reliable, represents a point of reference for construction companies, painters and painters, decorators, architects and interior designers, but knows how to respond in a flexible and personalized way to the needs of the private sector.

Color professionals find in Isocolor a solid experience, which the company transmits through the Paintability Workshop: high-level practical-theoretical courses, which periodically deepen techniques and products, answering every question on fundamentals and the latest trends.

Isocolor is a unique synthesis of products, service and training because it arises from the entrepreneurial ability of the Martignago family, which with Isoplam has been a leader in the field of cement flooring and decorative surfaces for 40 years.

Isocolor combines the reliability of a company that produces what it sells and the care in customer service that only a family of entrepreneurs with a passion for beauty can guarantee. A history of excellence Made in Italy.