• Texture for lime-based decorative coatings
    Iso Stencil

    Ornamental designs, elegant and particular, for suggestive effects on the walls
  • Matt and rough coating based on natural lime

    Iso Tonachino

    Iridescent surfaces with a refined effect for refined interiors.

  • Decorative iridescent velvet effect for interiors
    Iso Touch

    It covers the walls creating an iridescent effect, with a pleasant sensation to the touch.
  • Stone effect on walls for interiors
    Iso Lithos

    It recreates the effect of split stone on your walls for a unique, modern and impactful atmosphere.
  • Decorative shimmer effect finish for interiors
    Iso Lux

    Striking and glittering walls

Isocolor: decorative paint, acrylic, enamels, impregnating agents and varnishes


Isocolor produces and sells a wide range of building, decorative and equipment paints under its own brand. Its team, expert and reliable, represents a point of reference for construction companies, painters and decorators, architects and interior designers, but also knows how to respond in a flexible and personalized way to the needs of the private individual. Color professionals find in Isocolor a solid experience, which the company transmits through the Paintability Workshops: advanced practical-theoretical courses, which periodically deepen techniques and products, answering every question on the fundamentals and the latest trends.

Isocolor is a unique synthesis of products, service and training because it was born from the entrepreneurial ability of the Martignago family, which with Isoplam has been a leader in the concrete floor and decorative surfaces sector for 40 years. Isocolor combines the reliability of a company that produces what it sells and the care in customer service that only a family of entrepreneurs with a passion for beauty can guarantee. A history of Made in Italy excellence.


The right solution? Isocolor suggests it. Our long experience and a wide range of paints and decoratives allow us to satisfy every need, accompany and satisfy every type of customer - the professional as the private - who is looking for a competent partner and a high quality product.

Paints for interiors and exteriors, marmorino, stucco, lime, products for wood and iron: every surface and material finds the best answer to the request for beauty and functionality with Isocolor.

Starting from the color charts, we are able to create customized color solutions and textures, with the possibility of reproducing styles and material textures, from classic to contemporary, to express the unique soul of each building, of those who will inhabit and use it.