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Who we are

The most reliable partner for building color professionals. Isocolor® manufactures and sells a wide range of paints and products, decorative and branded equipment, which best meet the needs of companies and professionals, architects and designers. Furthermore, our attention to detail and the all-Italian passion for beauty allow us to respond in a flexible and personalized way to demanding private requests.

The experience and credibility of Isocolor® are guaranteed by the professionalism of its team and by the long business history of the Martignago family, owner of Isoplam, a leading company in the field of cement-based floors and decorative surfaces. Isocolor® and Isoplam® are thus the two souls of a solid reality, born and developed in Maser (Treviso) and increasingly known and appreciated all over the world.

Forty years of excellence made in Italy, a synthesis of different and complementary skills that allow us to make high-quality products a great deal of care in the pre and post sales service. This know-how, unique in the sector, gives life to our Paintability Workshops, training courses aimed at professionals, applicators, painters, decorators and restorers, who update on materials and new application techniques.