Area privata
Area privata

Each wall, inside and outside, must express the personality and function of the building to which it belongs.

Isocolor® offers a wide and complete range of products to interpret the wall as a system, in every phase of its work and for every situation: new or restored walls, modern environments and historic buildings.

The range includes stucco and smoothing, breathable or washable and water based lime paints, primers and fixatives to improve adhesion. In addition, we provide everything needed to carry out the thermal cladding..

Professionals, architects, designers and companies, but also private individuals, find in Isocolor a competent and reliable partner and in its wall products the right solution for every need (private homes, offices, shops, showrooms, bars, restaurants, shopping centers) and residential), also thanks to the great possibility of chromatic personalization with tinting system.

  1. Preparazione fondo con RASASTUCCO o rasante RASACOLOR, in presenza di muffe applicare ISOSAN sterilizzante antimuffa.
  2. Applicazione primer consolidante ISOLPRIMER o ISOFIX e fondo uniformante ISOFIX QUARZO o ISOFIX bianco.
  3. Applicazione finitura a base acqua Isocolor®.


Hotel Asolo TV
Hotel Asolo TV
Villa Castagna TV
hotel Asolo pitture interni ISOCOLOR 06
esterno casa country
hotel Asolo pitture interni ISOCOLOR 15
Pittura silossanica per esterno
Bagno - Isowash lavabile
parete idrolavabile con effetto marmorino materico