Area privata
Area privata
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Saturday October 16, 2021
Are you looking for new inspirations to cover the exteriors? There is a villa in the countryside ...
On the external walls, the soft opacity of the light plaster effect, with its typical material grain. On the balconies and on the large beamed ceiling, the colored enamel recalls shades close to those of the wall. All around, the unmistakable intense green of the Treviso countryside.

To enhance the contemporary rustic style of a private villa in Altivole (Italy), Iso Siloxan Intonaco and Iso Lac Acqua enamel were chosen: versatile and quality products, able to guarantee a harmonious and coherent overall effect despite the diversity of materials on the which steps are taken - wall, wood, metal.

Contact us, we are available to help you imagine how to renovate the exteriors with a high level of customization and the guarantee of a lasting result.