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The decorative effects are essential to create the right emotional atmosphere in the interior.

Isocolor® produces and proposes a complete range of interior decorations, with customizable chromatic solutions and textures that satisfy every taste and style, from classic to modern.

The range includes lime, decorative metallic and non-metallic.

The achievable results range from the textured and striped surfaces, typical of travertine and stone, to the polished and marbled natural effect of the Venetian stucco, passing through the smooth and semi-glossy appearance that characterizes the lime putty.

Architects, designers, contractors, companies and private individuals rely on Isocolor to find the right solution for every need and to renovate new environments and historic buildings.

Isocolor, thanks to the Paintability workshops for professional applicators, instructs painters, decorators and restorers to meet the demands of the market in the decorative world, creating new ones and giving continuous updates on new application techniques and materials.


  1. Preparation of the base with RASASTUCCO or RASACOLOR leveling agent, in the presence of mold apply ISOSAN anti-mold sterilant.
  2. ISOLPRIMER or ISOFIX consolidating primer application and ISOFIX QUARZO or ISOFIX smoothing primer.
  3. Painting application or Isocolor decorative coating.


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