Area privata
Area privata

Solvent-based protective enamel

One-component solvent-based Iso lac is a modern protective finish for metal, wood and plastic. Its compact anti-scratch structure makes it the ideal product for a wide range of uses: internal and external structures, furnishing objects, stairs, railings, beams, fixtures, galvanized surfaces and light alloys. It is available in many shades according to the ral isocolor folder and in a glossy or opaque version.

smalto per ferro

Code Finish Color Pack
002891 Glossy Transparent 0,75 Lt
002890 Glossy Transparent 2,5 Lt
2380 Glossy White 0,75 Lt
2389 Glossy White 2,5 Lt
2387 Glossy Brown 0,75 Lt
2445 Glossy Brown 2,5 Lt
2391 Glossy Black 0,75 Lt
003021 Glossy Black 2,5 Lt
002893 Matt Transparent 0,75 Lt
002892 Matt Transparent 2,5 Lt
2360 Matt White 0,75 Lt
2390 Matt White 2,5 Lt
2388 Matt Black 0,75 Lt
2549 Matt Black 2,5 Lt